The Story of Russell Group Limited - The Road to Connected Risk

Russell is the leading risk management software and services company that provides a truly integrated platform to help organisations model opportunities and vulnerabilities from connected risk. Our ALPS solution empowers clients to appreciate better knowledge of opportunity and risk exposure throughout the trading network, gain deeper business intelligence and achieve superior return on equity.

Founded in 1994, Russell Group prides itself on its roots – professionally and geographically. Conceived, built and developed in Nottingham, the company is steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit of a city that wove lace, an intricate, high-value textile into the fabric of global export power and prestige.

The city boasts pioneering companies such as Experian, Boots and Paul Smith - but also iconoclasts like Robin Hood and the Luddites. It’s this combination of industry-leading expertise and mould-breaking inventiveness that infuses Russell Group.

At the height of the asbestos, pollution and health hazard (aph) crisis in 1996, Lloyds of London set up Equitas, a specialist vehicle for handling the overwhelming long-tail liability claims lodged principally by US employers against insurance companies backed by Lloyds syndicates. Thousands of Lloyd’s ‘Names’ who provided capital to these syndicates were exposed to unlimited liability and went bankrupt. In this feverish atmosphere, Lloyd’s turned to Russell Group to model and calculate the Lloyd’s market exposure to these long-tail liability claims.

Today, Russell Group is a leading the way to maximising the opportunity of connected risk.

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