The advantages and benefits of using ALPS are numerous

Aggregate Management

Increased understanding of gross and net portfolio exposures and ability to respond quickly in the event of a loss.

A better understanding of exposure and capital utilisation.

Comprehensive and fully auditable repository for portfolio data with an integrated suite of analytical modules.

Integrated software solution ensures timely and consistent information for risk management.

Portfolio Modelling and Pricing

Integrated exposure and simulation pricing leveraging on aggregate management. 

A better understanding of underlying risk prior to capital commitment. 

Ability to understand the distribution of portfolio losses for improved business planning, optimisation of outwards reinsurance and more informed capital allocation decisions. 

Optimising utilisation of capital and improved return on equity. 

Process and Methodology

Software designed to integrate with client underwriting process. 

Reduced operational risk. 

Comprehensive and systematic approach to risk management across all insurance, reinsurance, and retrocession classes. 

Improved quality of risk management and data comparability.

Industry Data and Service

Validation, manipulation, and integration of industry exposure data within risk management.

Removes the cost of integrating underlying data. 

Confidence in product delivery and quality of ongoing product support and development. 

Quality product and service provision from a reliable and trusted Microsoft Gold Partner. 

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