ALPS Energy has been designed to meet the connected risk management needs of the following sub-classes


ALPS Energy captures worldwide offshore energy assets including fixed, linked, mobile platforms, subsea equipment, pipelines and terminal data to support portfolio analytics. ALPS Energy is used to model aggregate exposure and pricing at the asset level, and analyse realistic and probabilistic scenarios.


ALPS Energy can also be used to track exposures to onshore risks by utilising the offshore model. 

Key Features

ALPS Energy provides integration with offshore (fixed/mobile, above/below sea level) and onshore property risks and losses. Also, ALPS Energy has ability to calculate gross and net portfolio exposure at a loss level by onshore or offshore risks. Furthermore, ALPS Energy can assess portfolio exposure to realistic and probabilistic scenarios involving combinations of property damage, operator extra expense, business interruption, terrorism and weather type events.


ALPS enables effective knowledge of underwriting exposure, capital utilization and portfolio return on equity. ALPS reduces the time and cost of producing client analytics whilst improving accuracy. ALPS enables practitioners to demonstrate that they are fully aware of exposure commitments and of the potential consequences of risk decisions.

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