ALPS Enterprise analyses total exposure to connected risk events which can be at a given time, location or geography to and from one or more corporates in one or more sectors. 

The Solution to Connected Risk

The solution sits at the heart of the enterprise risk management process and is the solution to connected risk for organisations.


ALPS Enterprise captures a corporate’s exposure to technology vendors and compares with its own in-built vendor listing to assess a corporate’s risk profile to probable security threats and cyber events.

Supply Chain

ALPS Enterprise captures links between primary, secondary and tertiary suppliers per industrial sector and combines with a corporate’s own view of its primary suppliers to build a probable first, second and third tier supply chain relevant to that corporate.

This probable supply chain can then be used to construct realistic and probable events which would determine economic and hence insurance losses that would ultimately result in portfolio exposure.

Furthermore, ALPS could be integrated with a company’s weather and political risk data feed to assess a supply chain’s probabilistic exposure to weather and political risk events.

Political Violence

ALPS Enterprise captures political violence asset data to support portfolio exposure analytics for actual, theoretical or probabilistic political risk events.

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