ALPS Marine has been designed to meet the connected risk management needs of the following sub-classes

Global Shipping

ALPS Marine captures world shipping data for comprising operators, fleets (>100 GT), movements and casualties and integrates with policy information (written or ceded via questionnaire) to provide aggregate exposure analysis and pricing at the ship level. The exposure to hull and liability limits can be separately assessed. ALPS Marine also supports realistic and probabilistic scenarios arising within the marine sector.

Cargo and Port

Port Accumulation

Analyse and visualise portfolio exposure to G20 and natural peril zone ports from vessel and cargo movements. 

Key Features

Integration with shipping and cargo/port risks and losses along with weather and political risk data. Enables a full capture of marine portfolio. Similarly, ALPS Marine explores relationships between portfolio and underlying shipping and cargo/port risks. In addition, ALPS Energy can assess portfolio exposure to realistic and probabilistic scenarios involving combinations of vessel accidents, collisions, manufacturer design faults, business interruption, terrorism and weather type events. Calculate gross and net portfolio exposure at a loss level by an operator and to a set of actual or simulated losses. 

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