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Ground Accumulation

Analyse peak ground accumulation exposure at market and portfolio level. Model Hull War, Political Violence and Nat Cat realistic disaster scenarios. 

Visualise accumulation on the ground at airport and terminal level and by country risk score. 

Data Driven Platform

Data set includes over 4000 Airports and Terminals, over 850 Airlines and Operators, over 100 aircraft types, over 200 countries. 

Airline Exposures and Airport Exposures

Search and analyse a specific airline and understand it's peak ground exposures at airports or terminals globally. 

Filter by country risk score to concentrate on more volatile regions.

Know at which airports/terminals the highest peak ground accumulation occurs. Understand the breakdown of exposure by airline.

Visualise peak ground accumulation ranked by total market value of assets.  occurs

My Analysis

Import your policy portfolio.

Understand "My Portfolio Loss vs Market Loss". Download output to Excel / CSV file Format.

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