ALPS Casualty supports the analytical modelling of the liability exposures emanating from Corporate Industry

Matching Service

Russell Group has created a matching service which matches and references each portfolio's insureds.

This allows any insured to be identified through a universal identifier, removing the need to match on name only.

The service will link any subsidiary insured companies to the ultimate parent company and identify the industry segments(s) that an insured operates within.

New Generation of ALPS Products

ALPS Casualty is the first generation of Russell products to utilise the new matching service.

The service will enable underwriters to define and model actual or as if events and scenarios on first loss or next loss basis. Furthermore, exposures can be reported gross and net of reinstatement and/or after reinsurance.

Benefits to Casualty Underwriters

ALPS Casualty enables underwriters to understand their exposure and capital utilisation, but also their underlying risk prior to capital commitment.

This improves underwriter's risk selection and facilitates the optimisation of capital.

ALPS Casualty enables new underwriting risk products to be identified and validated.

ALPS Cloud

Hosted in the ALPS Cloud, 24/7 web application with analysis ready data, that can be readily accessed on any device.

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