A New World of Connected Risk?

31 January 2017 | Newsletter

Welcome to the first Russell Group newsletter of 2017. To say that we are living in interesting times is something of an understatement. When the “real” world we live in becomes more interesting and outlandish than the world of fiction then you know that something is up. The words Trump and Brexit are helping to define a new lexicon in the world of risk in 2017 but my, what an opportunity they present!

These are gloriously risky times and we explore the implications for corporates and their (re)insurance partners in this newsletter. We look at the potential impact of the B word and the T word but we kick things off by examining the fall out of these events on the dreaded C word – Credit, of course!

Credit, Political and Terrorist risks, business exposures and the threat to shareholder value, aviation and maritime perils and the new world of connected risk are all themes in the articles that follow.

On a personal note, our dear friend and colleague Roger Hulett passed away at the start of this year, the 3rd of January. As anyone who knew Roger will attest, he was a true gent and that increasingly rare thing in the London market, a real character. He will be greatly missed by us all. You can read a short obituary of his London market career written by Insurance Insider journalist Marcus Alcock in the Newsletter

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