Red or Blue?

31 May 2017 | Newsletter

In a famous scene from The Matrix, Neo is offered a red and blue pill by Morpheus. The blue pill, Morpheus explains will allow Neo to wake up and believe whatever he wants to believe. The red pill, Morpheus explains to Neo, will mean "you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes", in other words, the truth.
Customers in today's connected world are faced with a similar situation. The rise of tech firms such as Facebook and Uber has granted the customer an abundance of options. Cheap travel and sharing your life with friends online costs next to nothing or so the customer thinks. In reality, the true cost ranges from the surrendering of one's privacy to the sale of personal data to other companies. 

In this month's issue, we will explore all these issues as we ask, what does customer centricity mean in the connected world? 

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