The Road to Brexit: A Horizon-Scanning Webinar

27 February 2019 | Blog Post

Trevor Charsley of AFEX and Manvir Basi of Russell Group will debate the potential impacts of a deal/no deal scenario, analysing international currency impact along with the connected geopolitical and economic risks. 

They will also inject a healthy dose of optimism that the UK can use this “great schism” to steer UK business and markets into a bright and profitable future as EU growth stalls.

The AFEX view is that there are four roads to Brexit. Their probabilities are:

  1. No deal Brexit and UK leaves EU March 29th to trade on WTO rules - 20%

  2. Deal agreed and UK leaves EU March 29th into a transition phase - 25%

  3. No deal Brexit “taken off the table” deal agreed and the UK leaves the EU later 
       in 2019 into a transition phase - 35%

  4. Referendum #2 and UK stays in the EU - 20%

Meanwhile, on 12 February UK PM May announced that she needed time for more talks with the EU, promising an update to Parliament by 26 February and a vote by 27 February. 

Whatever the outcome, the geopolitical stakes have rarely been so high—or the implications so broad! 

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