Managing Opportunity & Risk in a Connected World

Russell is the leading risk management software and services company that provides a truly integrated platform to help organisations model opportunities and vulnerabilities from connected risk. Our ALPS solution empowers clients to appreciate better knowledge of opportunity and risk exposure throughout the trading network, gain deeper business intelligence and achieve superior return on equity.

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Thought Leadership

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ALPS Marine

ALPS Marine calculates exposures at ports, on vessels and between trading routes for Marine underwriters

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ALPS Aerospace

Alps Aerospace has been designed to meet the connected risk management needs of the Aerospace sub-classes

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ALPS Enterprise

ALPS Enterprise analyses total exposure to connected risk events which can be at a given time, location or geography to and from one or more corporates in one or more sectors.

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The ALPS Platform
and the Connected Risk Framework

As corporates become increasingly integrated, they face increasing event complexity from threats such as political violence, supply chain, natural peril, credit and cyber which can be inter-related in the same event and amplify exposure.

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Flair in Relationship

We have a trusted reputation in international markets for commercial thinking and innovative problem solving.

Fluency in Risk Management

Our people are our true differentiator, we are highly skilled and motivated, we learn through embedded best practices and always try to de-risk the business by converting threats into opportunities.

Flexibility to Business Need

Our approach is to implement risk solutions that are flexible to changing business needs.

What is Connected Risk?

Connected Risk is the systemic exposure of commercial organisations, their partners, suppliers and clients to cumulative and cascading financial, operational and reputational vulnerabilities

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The ALPS platform is an integrated framework for single and multiple classes of business.

Baden-Baden Reinsurance Roundtable

29 October 2018 | Blog Post

In a roundtable hosted by Russell Group in association with Reinsurance, leaders from the reinsurance industry discussed moving towards multi-class products.

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