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Our approach blends science and art. It's a combination of logic and creativity.

This enables us to craft solutions based on quantified exposure (science) mixed with analysis (art) that help underwriters, brokers and corporate risk managers to see the full business landscape in which they operate and so to make better-informed decisions.

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Connected Risk

Connected Risk is the systemic impact on commercial organisations that stem from cumulative events and resulting uncertainties. These can be felt by everyone across a business, from employees and partners to suppliers and clients, as well as affect hard-earned reputations.

Key event drivers for Connected Risk are the ways in which political, economical and environmental stability or supply chain, credit and cyber security risks combine to disrupt trade and cause operational and financial loss.

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Organisations are exposed to Connected Risk when they fail to grasp, or disregard, the multi-dimensional nature of business-to-business relationships where a single event could impact firms and disrupt trade.

Understanding this interconnectivity is fundamental to navigate trade in a connected economy and to maintain successful and sustainable business performance.

Mitigating connected trading risk exposure calls for a connected solution.

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Our Journey

Russell’s journey from London Market Claims Services, Equitas and the run-off market through to corporate risk management has probably appeared random to most observers. But if we only ever thought traditionally, we wouldn’t have become the pioneering and innovative firm we are today.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to collaborate with forward-thinking clients who share our imaginative approach. This gives us the opportunity to continuously explore and create insightful solutions that organisations need and trust in to successfully leverage their capital.

Meet our leadership team and expert consultants who have a wealth of experience.

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