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Reflections on flying in the time of Corona

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Why Corporates & Reinsurers Need to Take Port Accumulation Seriously

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Fragile Supply Chains Under Strain

Supply Chains experts warn of looming shortages for UK consumers

Space Insurance in crisis as Insurers look to restrict coverage

Concerns about space debris has led to many insurers restricting satellite coverage.

Wall Street is toying with Climate Changing

Wall Street firms accused of 'greenwashing' and manipulating their ESG targets.

Meat and Dairy Industry receives multi-billion investment despite high emissions

Industry receives billions in investment despite producing more emissions than leading countries.

Oxygen Tube

Oxygen Shortage Highlights Supply Chain Connected Risk

Oxygen supplies have been tightening in parts of the U.S. due to medical use of the gas for Covid-19 patients.

Space Launch

Oxygen Supply Shortages Delay New Space Launches

Space launches such as NASA’s Landsat 9 satellite have all been delayed due to a nationwide oxygen shortage.

US Plane Flying During COVID-19 Pandemic

Travels in the USA

In the second blog, Felipe discusses travelling from Brazil to USA via Mexico and describes his flying experience.

Starlink SpaceX satellite in Belarus - September 12, 2020:

Close Encounters: SpaceX Satellites Increase Space Incidents

SpaceX satellites are involved in more than 1,600 close encounters every week according to new University analysis.

City of London

New Energy Regs Hits Office Digs

Survey shows that 10% of current office space in London will fail new energy regulations set to be introduced in 2023

User works on laptop with cyber security

Cyber Threat: Stand and Deliver – Your Money or Your Bytes

Ryan Specialty Group, AXA and CNA Hardy all suffer cyberattacks as industry readjusts to dealing with cyber insurance

Lloyd's of London Building, Headquarters of the London Insurance Market

Lloyd’s issues challenge to (re)insurers in tackling climate risks

Lloyd’s vows to bring in low-carbon transition as brand is under threat from climate inaction

Cars being assembled on a production line

Going Electric! Carmakers struggle with semiconductor shortage

Global shortage of semiconductors narrows industry’s profit margins but shift to central electric “brain” may help to resolve issues

Ningbo Port Closure Threatens $172 billion’s worth of global trade

Partial Closure of China’s second largest port adds to the continuing strain on global supply chains

Complex, Interconnected Risk Landscape Exposes Supply Chain Deficiencies

Risk leaders are worried about new interconnected risks and believe that modelling and data analytics is a solution to this.

Connected Devices are increasing Cyber Risk.

Can We Monitor the Sound of Cyber Silence?

Silent Cyber policies can mean that (re)insurers pay claims that were both unexpected and priced incorrectly.

The City of London

Lloyd’s and UK Government unveil £750 million live event reinsurance

£750 million will enable the live-event industry to host events in the COVID-era.

Camp Nou, Barcelona's Stadium at Night before a Champions League game.

COVID-19 hits the Beautiful Game

European football clubs’ revenue declines by £3.4bn during the pandemic.

Ryanair Planes parked.

Airlines fight over slots as industry struggles to recover from Pandemic

Legacy Airlines clash with low-cost airlines over lucrative slots as industry attempts a “return to flight”.

Roasted Coffee Beans. Falling Temperatures in Brazil have sparked a fall in global coffee prices.

Cold Freeze in Brazil sparks surge in Global Coffee Prices

Coffee prices surge to 6-year high as extreme cold threatens Brazil's crops

Opioids has created an epidemic in the US

Opioids Lawsuits end in $26 billion settlement

Key companies in the Opioids lawsuits agree a $26 billion settlement with US states/municipalities.

Catastrophic and damaging flood of Elbe river in Germany, houses and streets underwater in July 2021

The catastrophic floods in Germany could cost insurers billions

The devastating floods in western Germany last week could become one of the most expensive natural disasters in the country of the past 20 years.

Sunset at a Wind Farm in Lincolnshire

A World of Risk and the Smart Energy Opportunity

The UK Government's new energy white paper outlines its intentions to set in law a world-leading climate change target.

Robot workforce in a warehouse

Rust in Peace: Wonky Robots Reduce Warehouse to Ashes After Accident

Ocado cancelled thousands of orders after a fire at a fulfilment centre in south-east London on Friday, caused by the collision of robots at the facility.

New Survey Results show support for agile business strategies

Scenario Planning Tops Risk and Compliance in New Business Survey

Business Strategies need to be agile to cope with Market Disruptions says Board Members

Energy Power Plant.

Data-Driven Investment Decisions Are Crucial to Mitigation of Climate Risk

Insurers and investors are well positioned to put pressure on individual companies that are failing to transition to more climate-friendly business models.

Planes grounded in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic

Four Challenges the Aviation Industry must overcome Post COVID-19

What challenges will the aviation sector face as it attempts a “return to flight” in the COVID era?

Social Distancing Sign on a UK High Street.

Face-to-face sectors hard to insure as pandemic shakes up Trade Credit

A new report says that the pandemic may have changed trade credit underwriting

A Ever Given Ship in the Suez Canal, months after the blockage in March.

Ever Given ship freed as compensation awarded

Ever Given ship finally released after company and Suez Canal Authority agree financial settlement for disruption caused by blockage earlier this year.

Coop Forum, suffered a large cyber-attack that shut down all of its 800 stores

Ransomware Hackers Ramp up Attacks

Sweden's Coop supermarket becomes the latest victim of a ransomware cyberattack.

Cyber Security is becoming a big issue for Organisations

Big US Insurers Jump into the Cyber Pool

Leading US cyber insurers join forces as the US cyber insurance market reckons with the rise of cyberattacks across the US.

The Prince of Wales is a keen advocate of combatting climate change.

Royalty & Lloyd’s join forces to combat Climate Change

Chief executives from the UK’s largest insurers have joined forces with the Prince of Wales to launch a sector-wide taskforce aimed at tackling the climate crisis.

Issues in Xinjiang threaten to undermine Solar Panel Industry

Potential ban on China’s solar material over forced labour claims put climate change goals in check

JBS Headquarters in Brazil.

World’s largest meat supplier pays U$11m ransom after sophisticated cyberattack

JBS, the world’s biggest meat producer, has paid U$11 (£7.8m) in cybercrime ransom, making it the latest high-profile organisation to fall victim to a cyber attack..

The boardroom where key business decisions are made.

Introducing the Russell Corporate Working Group

Russell Group has officially launched a cross-industry ‘Russell Working Group’ of risk managers from leading large corporates across multiple sectors.

Resilience modelling world Image

Resilience Modelling is fundamental to the future of risk management

Corporates can now quantify unmodelled exposures, map these against global trade and economic patterns and provide matrices for risk-transfer partners to assess and price against writes Julian Kirkman-Page in Insurance Day.

Planes getting ready to take off: Confusion over travel rules damage the industry.

“Return to flight” in jeopardy as UK tightens rules once again to combat Covid-19 variants

Facing new coronavirus quarantine rules, thousands of UK holidaymakers were scrambling to leave Portugal early this week.

Overview shot of the pipes of an oil rig.

Rise of “Two-Tier” system in Energy market highlights need to know and understand your risks

Carriers now require analytical tools that not only identify the critical risks, but can also monitor them in real time

An empty City of London in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Home is where the work is

As lockdown starts to relax across many countries of the world, Suki Basi, MD of Russell Group Ltd, asks what effect the pandemic has had on working life and explores the long-term ramifications.

A broken-down petrol station due to the Colonial Pipeline Cyber attack.

Connected Critical Infrastructure Risk

The Colonial pipeline attack represents a watershed moment in how people think about cybercrime.

A cyber-attacker attempts to infiltrate another organisation.

Ransomware Threat Demands Better Cyber Cover

The rise of ransomware attacks means that corporates need to take cyber security seriously or they will find themselves dangerously exposed.

Stock Tracker. Failure to maximise exposures can harm the profitability of an organisation.

Mapping Exposures and Emerging Risks

Businesses are looking to captives to move strategic risks off their balance sheet.

A plane landing at Brussels Airport, which is playing a key role in the transporting of the vaccine globally.

Why Brussels Airport is vital in Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine

Brussels Airport has played a key role in transporting the vaccine to more than 40 destinations across the globe.

An organisation's credit risk changes.

Why Trade credit risk needs to change

Better quality risk data will be needed as trade credit insurers prepare themselves for future claims.

To manage their exposures, organisations need embrace modelling.

Insurers Need to Intensify Their Focus on Exposure Management

Combining scenario and exposure modelling will help corporates and insurers to price risk better.

Plane getting ready for takeoff. The pandemic has hit the Aviation industry hard.

Russell Group's Aviation 2021 Outlook

The aviation industry is facing a fight for its future and in doing so will have to re-think it’s future.

Technology is disrupting all of our lives.

Why Risk Context is as Important as Risk Data

As technology continues to disrupt the insurance industry, the solution is not just more data.

Containers at a port waiting to be transported across the world.

The rise of Global Value Chains

International trade is now dominated by global value chains, which increase the risk of greater trade disruption in the future.

The volume of global trade is increasing as demand from both organisations and consumer increases.

Globalisation has Entered a New Phase

Globalisation has accelerated international trade but has left organisations exposed to new risks in the process.

Closed Sign on Shop During COVID-19 Pandemic

Finding Opportunities From Adversity

COVID-19 has triggered a rise remote working but what are the long-term consequences of this?

Abandoned office desk with a work from home sign.

Personal Adjustment To A New Normal

With many organisations operating from home, how have employees and employers adjusted to this "new normal"?

Person working from home.

From The Telecommuting Desire to The Work From Home Directives

In the era of COVID-19, many organisations and employees were forced to work from home, creating both new opportunities and risks.

Work From Home Label.

Home Working: Paradise or Purgatory?

Over the next three blogs we intend to explore how the world has rapidly transitioned to a remote working environment, the technological opportunities which this has created, and the social and psychological issues which need to be addressed.

US Flag Flies Above the US Senate

Exploring the geopolitical scenarios of a Biden Presidency

Never has an US election been more analysed, debated and watched than the most recent one that saw Joe Biden elected President of the United State of America.

Icons showing the digital connectivity of today's world.

How COVID-19 accelerated technological innovation

In the second part of a series on the impact of COVID-19, we look at how the pandemic has accelerated technological innovation across multiple sectors.

Container ship at sea

The Transportation Layer to the rescue

In the final part of our series exploring the impact of COVID-19, we look at how the transportation layer will play a key role in the distribution of a vaccine.

A Plane Taking Off.

What the aviation industry can learn from risk management

Airlines will resume normal operations more quickly if industry and political leaders work with rather than against, public health professionals writes Suki Basi in Insurance Day.

Stock Market Ticker.

How COVID-19 shook up global supply chains

In the first of a series of blogs on the impact of COVID-19, we look at how the initial COVID-19 outbreak in China disrupted supply chains across the global economy.

Lloyd's of London

The transformation of risk is a growing exposure for insurers

Risk assessment and mitigation strategies deployed by most carriers are not designed to cope with the rapidly shifting nature of the risk environment writes Suki Basi in Insurance Day

Professional Indemnity Rates Rise and Cover is Restricted

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is once again back in the headlines, with growing concerns about a COVID-19 driven recession and uncertainty surrounding Brexit driving up PI premiums.

London company market premium rises despite Brexit fears

The London company market is in a strong position despite Brexit and the current COVID-19 pandemic. New data from the International Underwriting Association (IUA) shows that premium income grew by 10% in 2019.

Innovation key to to mitigating climate change's environmental exposures

While climate risk threatens to increase over the coming decades, it is also leading to innovation in environmental liability insurance writes Suki Bas in Insurance Day.

Airbus explores Zero-Emission Planes

While the aviation industry reels from the impact of COVID-19, there are some in the sector who are planning for the future.

Reinsurers are in the danger of losing sight of their exposures

To remain attractive to third-party capital, the reinsurance market must regain a three-dimensional view of the risks it writes says Suki Basi in an Insurance Day article.

The interconnectivity of trade risk poses a challenge for modellers

Recent events like Hurricane Laura or COVID-19 have highlighted the significant exposure the interconnectivity of commercial risks represent to insurers writes Suki Basi in Russell Group.

Boeing suffers more troubles as COVID-19 destabilises the global aerospace supply chain

From the supply chain woes in 2018, to the grounding of the 737 MAX in 2019 and now COVID-19, it has not been the best of times for everyone involved in aviation.

D&O Insurance – Is the writing on wall?

COVID-19 has profoundly changed the rules of the game for D&O, just when this product offering is needed more than ever.

Stock Market Tracker

Multiple Clash Loss Across FinPro Lines Sets off Alarm Bells

Recent multiple losses across the financial professional class of business are concerning for casualty underwriters

Solving the Connected Risk

The solution to the issues outlined in this blog is to collect data to measure the connectivity between the economy, banks, insurers and longer investment strategies.

Credit Risk Increases Across All Classes

Credit risk has increased across all asset classes, in particular CDS of government bonds, financial and non-financial corporate bonds have increased sharply.

Similarities Between Banks and Insurers

Just like banks, insurers are financial intermediaries as far as their life insurance business lines are concerned.

Why COVID-19 is a Connected Risk for the Finance Sector

The finance sector as represented by insurance and banking has both asset and liability risk exposure in any economy, which has been considerably increased by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why COVID-19 Will Continue to be a Real Liability

The great return to work is back on as governments of all hues and stripes across the world adopt different approaches to a return to relative normality. Yet, COVID-19 has been a real liability for business.

Socioeconomic Disparities Are Laid Bare by COVID-19

While many white-collar workers around the country are sheltering in place and working from home, food industry workers like the employees at Smithfield are deemed "essential" and must remain on the front lines.

Apple and Intel end 15-year partnership

Apple announced that it would be replacing Intel microprocessors used in Mac Computers with their own chips, signaling the end of a 15-year partnership.

S&P places global reinsurers on negative outlook because of COVID-19 losses

COVID-19-related losses in first quarter of 2020 has resulted in the global reinsurance sector being placed under negative outlook by S&P.

A Return to Flight? IATA and ACI issue roadmap to restart aviation

The International Air Transportation Association and Airport Council International (ACI) have jointly called on governments to ensure any new safety measures introduced are not only consistent across the world but also supported by scientific evidence.

This Week in Energy: New Renewable Capacity Declines, Britain Rises in Green Investors Survey, Key National Grid Supplier hit by cyberattack

Global Growth in new renewable energy capacity fell for the first time in 20 years according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Is Your Reputation Worth It?

The age of social media poses a significant challenge for organisations who want to protect their reputation.

Why Energy Insurance Needs to Remain Relevant

The Insurance industry must adapt to the fundamental changes taking place in the energy sector to remain relevant writes Suki Basi in Insurance Day.

Covid-19 could radically transform the commercial property market

There is an urgent need for enterprise-wide strategic analysis of the impact of perils, including pandemics, cyber and climate change, on the commercial property market writes Russell Group CEO, Suki Basi in Insurance Day.

Plane Spotters in a Frenzy as Favourite Aircraft Are Retired

Low demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all airlines to resize their fleet and flight operations.

This Week in Marine: Maersk predicts a 25% fall in container volume

This Week in Marine: Maersk predicts 25% fall in container volume, Shipping Industry in the Red, French container line firm secures historic state-backed $1.14 billion loan

This Week in Aviation: IAG “burning through cash”, as UK introduces two-week quarantine for foreign travelers

IAG is “burning through cash”, UK carriers predicted to lose $26.1 billion in revenue and UK Government imposes two-week quarantine on international arrivals.

Ports suffer as “Blank Sailings” rise

Many ports are facing financial ruin, shipments are being cancelled and containers are piling up at major transportation and logistics hubs. These are just some of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic that are sweeping across the maritime industry.

Global Aviation Industry Flies by the Seat of its (Cargo) Pants

The global aviation industry warned on Tuesday this week of a severe cargo capacity shortage as airlines around the world slash jobs and suffer plunges in profits due to the coronavirus crisis.

Aviation Recovery may take “five years or more”

Leading aviation experts and companies warned that the industry will take five years or more to recover to the pre-coronavirus level of demand.

Five steps for a strong economic recovery once the lockdown is lifted

Russell Group suggests five steps that would help to promote public confidence in any post-lockdown plan

The Rise of ‘Slowbalisation’ in a World of Breaking Supply Chains

The fundamental nature of supply chains will change as organisations seek to ensure their business is robust enough to survive future shocks like COVID-19.

Leaving it all on the field: Professional sports call in their insurance

With professional leagues all around the world suspending their activities to prevent the spread of the virus, including the Olympic Games, every part of the sporting value chain has been impacted.

Insurance Industry steps up response to COVID-19

Lloyd’s is rumoured to be in discussions to set up a £100 million fund to tackle COVID-19, according to industry analysts.

All Grounded in Tornado Alley: Aviation and COVID-19

While the coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted every sector in the global economy, it has hit the aviation sector the hardest

10 Lessons Learnt from COVID-19

While climate change and pandemic has not been considered high on risk registers for many organisations, lessons are being learnt from this pandemic. The list that follows is Russell Group’s Top 10 Learnings from COVID-19.

April Renewals Round-Up

With April Renewals just finished, we analyse the underlying trends from a market view and across the specialty classes.

Will COVID-19 change global politics?

If Covid-19’s impact on health systems and economies around the globe is already quite clear, there is little we do know about its potential impact on the world’s politics afterwards.

Cybersecurity is a worry for organisations and individuals

Coronavirus 2020: Welcome to the Cyber Apocalypse?

This is the first part of a two-part blog on Coronavirus and Cyber as cyber warriors have been exploiting the pandemic to target organisations and individuals.

COVID-19: The First Cyber CAT Scenario?

Many experts are worried about a potential cyberattack during the current coronavirus pandemic.

How the Transportation Layer became the foundation of the global economy

A long-term shift that is occurring because of the pandemic, is a fundamental restructuring of the economy that is underpinned by“transportation layer”.

COVID-19: The Great Accelerator

The current COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant disruption in our lives but also is accelerating a huge amount of trends that were present in society. In this article, we will be identifying three of these trends.

Maersk launches "pro-climate" $5 billion credit facility

Maersk has launched a $5 billion credit facility with sustainability terms and conditions attached, which is the first of its kind in the shipping industry.

The Rise of the Intangibles: Nudge, Nudge, Nudge

The final article in our series on the rise of the "intangibles" explores how behavioural economics could help businesses to making better decisions that can improve their balance sheet.

The Rise of The Intangibles: What Makes People Tick

The second article in our series on the rise of "intangibles", we explore the less talked about intangible asset: people.

The Value of Intangibles – The Trillion Dollar Question

The shift from the tangible to the intangible - from goods to services - is happening all across the economy. How does the world of risk and insurance adjust to this new reality?

Coronavirus unsettles the Marine Industry

China has held back some ships from calling at the port of the city of Wuhan City, in the Hubei province of China as part of a lockdown of cities affected by the coronavirus.

Opioids: What's Next?

In our final blog, we explore the fallout from the opioids epidemic, which has resulted in large legal claims and shows no signs of letting up.

Weedkiller Claims on the Rise

In our second blog on legacy claims, we examine the impact of Glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, which is subject to a series of court cases in the United States ruling on the potential links between the chemical and cancer.

Legacy Claims to watch out for in 2020 - Diesel Fumes

Claims from exposure to diesel fumes, particularly diesel exhaust throughout an individual’s employment, are on the rise and should be a concern for carriers covering Employers’ liability.

Boeing surrenders its crown to Airbus

Boeing officially lost its title as world’s largest plane manufacturer after reporting its lowest annual orders in more than two decades.

Cyber Santa

Cybersecurity remains on the forefront of daily news highlights worldwide with several of those uncovering several notable breaches, including one of the largest known-to-date.

Perception Shifts in Supply Chain

Global supply chains are increasingly complex and interconnected. In turn, the consequences of disruptions to them have become increasingly difficult to asses

Stack Them High, Sell Them Cheap

In managing for the Christmas rush, Amazon has stumbled onto something of an old school concept: cheap warehouse space.

‘Tis the Season To Be Connected

The festive period in the U.S. may be a bit more expensive this Christmas. That’s because the price of natural Christmas trees has been rising for some years.

Top Investible Companies: Why Invest in Aerospace

In a series of blogs, we look at reasons to invest in certain sectors of the Transportation Layer. First up, we look at the aerospace industry.

Top Investible Sectors: Why Invest in Shipping

Continuing with our series of blogs, looking at reasons to invest in certain sectors of the Transportation Layer, we examine the shipping industry.

Lloyd's Enters The Unknown Frontier

Lloyd’s has launched a new multi-million-pound space insurance policy for the emerging private spaceflight industry as it seeks to capitalise on the growing space market.

Pacific Bankruptcy Fans the Flames of Litigation

Pacific Gas & Electric is under pressure to increase compensation to victims of the 2017-18 wildfires or face being taken over by State and Local Government in California.

Can Reputation be Insured?

Reputation is top of the agenda for many organisations but can it be insured?

Boeing's Crisis Rumbles On

Boeing suffered another blow in the ongoing grounding of the 737 Max as it reported a $40 million third quarter loss in 2019.

Which Sectors Will Suffer the Most Digital Disruption?

All industries face disruption from technology. This raises question marks around the scale of this disruption and the ability of risk managers and (re)insurers to manage the potential outcomes. In this new white paper, we focus on five key areas that we believe will face significant disruption:

Suki Basi Speaks to FERMA News

Ahead of the FERMA Forum in November, Suki Basi speaks to FERMA News on the importance of European Risk Management.

Saudi Oil Refineries hit, sending Middle-Eastern tensions soaring

Two of the world’s largest oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, Abqaiq and Khurais, were targets of drone strikes, which has seen Saudi Arabia’s oil output fall by half sparking a spike in US-Iranian tensions.

2019 Monte Carlo Rendezvous Round-Up

Russell Group attended the 2019 Monte Carlo Rendezvous this year meeting with clients, markets peers and (re)insurance thought leaders who attended the event.

Stock Market Tracker

Industry Must Brace Itself for a Casualty Market Shockwave

Re/insurers will need better data exchange across the distribution chain to enable them to analyse their exposures with confidence.

Opioids: Casualty’s next “Market-Turning Event”?

Over the last few months, there has been much discussion in the Casualty class about how recent “Market-Turning Events” (MTE) such as Enron are falling out of the collective memory.

How Climate Change is affecting the Hurricane season

Climate Change is changing drastically changing the nature of Hurricanes. The impact for (re)insurers could be severe.

Russell Summer Reads

The summer is upon us. For many, it will be a chance to catch some sun and enjoy a well-earned rest. Yet, for many, it will be an opportunity to catch up on some reading.

Volume IV: Brexit Rumbles On

Boris Johnson enters Downing Street knowing that the success of his reign will depend on one single issue: Brexit.

Volume V: Quantifying Geopolitical Risk

In the final article, in a series on geopolitics and global trade, we ask can geopolitics be quantified?

Volume III: Credit Risk Perspective

In the latest in a series of articles on geopolitics and trade, Russell explores the credit insurance perspective.

Volume II: The Return of Tariffs

As the US-China trade war deepens, what will be the impact of the imposition of new tariffs?

Volume I: Sophisticated Financial Warfare

In the first of our series on geopolitics and global trade, we take a deeper dive in the sophisticated financial warfare between the US and China.

How geopolitics is disrupting global trade

What will be the effect of the geopolitical disruption on global trade?

Managing emerging exposures in the new era of liability

Casualty underwriters are facing a significant challenge from the emergence of new risks that cut across traditional speciality classes writes Suki Basi in Insurance Day.

Interview: Suki Basi speaks to The Voice of America

Russell Group CEO Suki Basi was interviewed in the Voice of America on how recent events in the Strait of Hormuz could impact global trade.

Paris Air Show Round-Up: Boeing secures new 737 orders but signals a shift with new service deals

Boeing secured a 200 737-plane order from IAG, the first major order since the 737-Max groundings.

The Malacca Dilemma

China's political leaders are concerned about what they call the "Malacca Dilemma". With tensions rising with the U.S almost on a daily basis, they should be worried.

Geopolitical tensions in Hormuz could impact Global Trade

The closure of the Strait of Hormuz could wipe $10 billion per week from global trade according to analysis by Russell Group.

UK P&I Club losses reflect tough year for marine insurers

Numerous large claims have caused underwriting losses at marine insurer the UK P&I Club, in a line of business practitioners agree is particularly tough at this time.

Time to Rethink the Upstream/Downstream Division

As the energy industry continues to change, insurers have to differentiate between similar risks in the up- and downstream markets.

Why Multi-Class Perils Require a Multi-Class Response

Russell Group CEO Suki Basi will be speaking at the IUA on Tuesday 14th May.

EVENT: The Russell Score - Quantifying Your Connected Business Exposure

Join on Wednesday 26th June, for a panel discussion of leading corporates and (re)insurers chaired by Russell Group CEO Suki Basi to discuss how a "Russell Score" can quantify corporate risk.

Norsk Hydro hit by Ransomware attack

Norsk Hydro ASA, the world’s biggest aluminium producer is expected to lose more than $40 million in the weeks following last week’s ransomware attack.

Boeing in Crisis

Boeing suffered another blow in the ongoing grounding of the 737 Max as it reported a $40 million third quarter loss in 2019.

Amazon Prime Air Crash

On the 23rd February, an Atlas Air 767 freighter aircraft crashed outside of Houston, killing three people on board. The aircraft, which is operated by Atlas Air, was leased to Amazon as part of its Prime Air franchise.

Mondelez sue Zurich for $100 million in damages from NotPetya

Mondelez has sued Zurich for $100 million for its refusal for non-payment for damages caused by 2017's NotPetya cyber attack.

Apple shares plummet sparking fears of global recession

Apple’s shares plummeted by 8% after a reduction in its financial forecasts.

The Opportunities of Brexit

Brexit is causing many a sleepless night for corporate risk managers and indeed their insurers. An area of serious concern is the impact of Brexit on supply chains. However, Suki Basi of the Russell Group says it could bring opportunity as well.

Know Your Connected Exposures Before They Shut You Down

The recent O2 data outage highlights the increasing need for organisations to know their connected exposures before they impact their business.

Investigators put the Boeing 737 Max 8 under the spotlight

With Boeing under scrutiny from the Federal Aviation Administration and Indonesian authorities, we take a deeper look at the Boeing 737 Max 8.

Baden-Baden Reinsurance Roundtable

In a roundtable hosted by Russell Group in association with Reinsurance, leaders from the reinsurance industry discussed moving towards multi-class products.

Organisations will need better data to model their connected risks

The Opportunity of Connected Risk

Understanding the concept of Connected Risk helps (re)insurers understand not only their known and unknown exposures but managing their peak exposures too.

A Company's Stock Market Price

The Connected Risk Challenge

Connected risk is fracturing balance sheets in the corporate world, which in turn threatens to create a feedback loop in the global (re)insurance market.

Modelling Casualty on a multi-class basis

Recent Casualty loss events highlight the growing rise of multi-class events.

Passage to Nowhere: Risks and Opportunities in the Arctic

the combined effects of Climate Change, economic developments and political imperatives raise the possibility of a third route in Antarctica

We are experiencing some turbulence – Trade Wars in the Aviation Industry

Delegates gathering at the Farnborough Airshow could be forgiven for feeling bullish about the current state of the aviation industry: passenger traffic is up; fuel prices are manageable and there is soaring passenger demand from Asia.

Will Super-Cities Destroy National Economies?

Russell Group CEO Suki Basi spoke at Chatham House on the topic of 'Super-Cities'.

Insurance and Automation: Looks can be deceiving

The current new ‘hype’ within the insurance industry is both big data and automation.

The CO2 Shortage

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing and the weather soaring in the 30s, many corporates executives can be forgiven for reaching for a soft or stronger beverage, along with a sizzling sausage or burger.

UK Parliament Report Recommends Mandatory Climate Change Reporting and Scenario Modelling

The failure of a corporate to deal with climate change could have a disproportionate effect on the company itself, its supplier and partner organisations and the entire industry.

Interview with Airmic News

"Connected Risk" is fast becoming a buzzy new concept, but what is it, and what does it mean in practice? Airmic News spoke to Suki Basi, MD of the Russell Group, who are leading a workshop on this subject at the annual conference.

Galileo – a Risk and an Opportunity?

The UK’s involvement in the EU’s GPS project, Galileo is facing an entirely different kind of inquisition – one that is fraught with geopolitical risks, consequences and opportunities.

The economic impacts of the current UK-Russia political conflict

The recent political conflicts involving the UK and Russia highlight how interconnected the world is.

Facebook's Reputational Nightmare

Facebook’s surging success encouraged a whole new industry of Social Media giants, such as Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp (the latter two were acquired by Facebook). It seemed that the age was primed for the rise of the Social Media giants.

Are you GDPR Compliant?

In the next of our series on the top Connected Risks in 2018, we analyse the impending GDPR regulation.

Who Controls Capital?

In the next of our series on the top Connected Risks in 2018, we analyse the relationship between private capital and public debt.

Businesses must remember their AAs in Climate Change Strategy

In a previous Russell Group article, we discussed the impact of 2017’s environmental events on major (re)insurers’ profit-loss margins. Consequently, the insurance community is now grappling with the key question of whether Climate Change is insurable.

The resurrection of the Silk Road: Connected Supply Chain Risk

Russell Group CEO Suki Basi writes in Airmic news on how managing supply chains is now shifting towards a focus on the impact of systemic and cataclysmic risk.

Credit Where It's Due

Our latest infographic explores the role of credit insurance in supporting exporters.

An Inconvenient Fact: Mother Nature Cannot be Tamed

If 2016 was the year of political earthquakes, then 2017 will be the year of Mother Nature’s wrath. From Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria to the earthquakes in Mexico and Iran, climate change and natural disasters have well and truly registered 9 on the Richter scale of global consciousness about their effects on human society.

Understanding Your Connected Risks

Every organisation operating in the Connected World needs to know and understand their exposures. Yet, for such a simple idea, many organisations fail to do this. This ranges from failing to accurately identify their risks in their annual report to not embedding a corporate risk culture across all departments and operations.

Cargo being unloaded at a Port.

Supply Chain 2049: Future Supply Chain Trends

Our new infographic explains what the impact of big data will have on the supply chains of tomorrow:

Understanding of Risk Has Been Turned On It's Head By The Connected World

Risks are becoming interwoven and interconnected, on a scale not seen before. As a result, an event may no longer just affect one class of business writes Suki Basi in Insurance Day.

'A Brave new World'

In this infographic, we explore how recent events such as Hurricane Harvey and future risks such as GDPR are impacting all classes of business.

Houston and the World of Connected Risk

Houston is the artery that keeps America’s heart pumping. Yet, the cost of Hurricane Harvey had it hit the Houston shipping canal would have been devastating.

Keeping up with the shifts in the risk landscape

While motor insurers are focused on the risks represented by the insured, the advent of driverless cars raise questions about the increased risk represented by manufacturers, their suppliers and service providers, writes Suki Basi in Insurance Day.

Increased risk interconnection pressures re/insurers

Insurance Day reports on Russell Group's exclusive Breakfast Briefing on Connected Risk held at the Old Library at Lloyd's on Tuesday 18th July

Industry warned it has to share data to succeed

The re/insurance sectors have been warned not to repeat the mistakes of the past as the industry continues to look at its strategy to cope with the world of big data and connected risks.

What are the Unknown Unknowns?

In 2002, the then US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld in a news briefing coined the phrases "known knowns" to describe things we know we know and "unknown unknowns", the things we don't know, we don't know.

Airmic 2017: Industry Leaders divided over Brexit

This week, risk managers gathered at Birmingham for Airmic 2017 to mingle, network and debate all the pressing issues facing the profession from cyber risks to Brexit.

Using Customer Data can create both opportunities and risks

Suki Basi writes in Insurance Day about why using customer data can create both huge opportunities and risks.

Mitigating the risks of Climate Change

Suki Basi took part in an Insurance Day Roundtable on the implications of Climate Change on Underwriting, Regulation, Risk Modelling and Asset Management.

Consumer interacting with mobile.

Customer Centricity in the Connected World

In this infographic, we explore the new trends that are impacting customer spending:

What is Connected Risk?

Our world is more connected than at any time in history – and business has never been so exposed to connected risk.

The Impotence of British Airways

Last weekend’s IT glitch at British Airways affecting 1,000 flights in Heathrow and Gatwick demonstrates how vulnerable are all industries to ‘Connected Risk’.

Connected Risk Weekly: CIOs want more firepower to tackle Cyber Threat

The latest issue of Connected Risk Weekly explores why CIOs want more help in dealing with cyber threats.

Wall Street Journal Event Underscores Connected Risk Threats

Digital gurus from insurance, government, tech and counter-terrorism assessed the current cyber security landscape at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum.

Russell Group Statement on Ransomware Cyber Attacks

The industrial-scale global cyber-attacks with 200,000 victims across 150 nations including Britain’s National Health Service and the Russian Federation’s Interior Ministry were no freak coincidence.

The rise of smartphone and the internet is transforming how businesses operate.

Business Models for the Connected World

Our latest infographic explores how the organisation's business models are changing due to the rise of the Internet and big data.

What is Machine Learning?

The line between Machine Learning and Deep Learning is quite blurred: it is a matter of complexity in the type of toolset that is being used.

May calls for EU-UK Partnership to combat Protectionism

Theresa May formally announced the triggering of Article 50, signaling the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Will Brexit be bad for Britain?

With Article 50 being triggered today, the coming two-year period will see a furious debate over whether Brexit will be a success or a failure.

What Brexit means for you

Over the next years, the UK will be locked into a duel of fates with the EU as it tries to renegotiate its relationship with the bloc.

What Brexit means for Underwriters

2016 was the year of unpredictability. For the laymen it was shocking but for Lloyd’s Underwriters, it was even more alarming.

What Brexit means for Corporate Risk Managers

The triggering of Article 50 creates a prolonged period of uncertainty for Corporate Risk Managers. Over the next two (or potentially longer) years, the renegotiation process mixes a cocktail of risks that threatens to intoxicate and destabilise normally sober corporate risk managers.

Digital & Social Trends in a Connected World

What are the social and digital forces that are operating in the connected risk framework?

The Psychology of Social Media in the Great Digital Transformation

Social media is a new risk driver which has fractured news distribution outlets and driven a new kind of “extreme politics”

Will A.I. be an Innovator or Disruptor for Insurers?

Artificial Intelligence is not only moving into our homes but in the workplace. Its ability to hoover up data and process patterns within that data, makes the Insurance industry particularly susceptible to AI.

Corporate Risk Managers Beware: Blockchain is coming

For many, Blockchain is another buzzword doing the rounds on business publications. Yet, what is Blockchain?

Beware the Rage against the Machine!

In an era where the processing power that put a man on the moon is powering the smartphone in your pocket and global movements are created on the back of hashtag, it is seductive to believe that we have never had it so good.

Brexit and the reconfiguration of trade credit risk

Suki Basi wrote in Insurance Day about how Brexit and the reconfiguration of trade credit risk will expose corporate risk managers and their insurers to significantly connected risks.

All around the World of Geopolitical risks in 60 seconds

Russell Group’s latest infographic exploring the rising tide of geopolitical risks and violence in a connected world.

A perfect storm of Geopolitical Risks?

Russell Group’s February 2017 Newsletter examines the effects of geopolitical risk and violence for corporate risk managers and (re)insurers operating in a connected risk framework.

Avoiding the Geopolitical Virus in Latin America

‘When America sneezes, Mexico catches a cold’. This phrase has been deployed countless times to describe the close relationship between the USA and Mexico

Insurance Day Q & A: Leveraging line size in a volatile energy market

Suki Basi took part in an Insurance Day Q&A discussing the opportunities for the London Energy Market and how profitable business can be found in the market.

Automation in the UK Public Sector

A recent report argues that the UK Public Sector, which stands at 5.3 million, must adapt to a rapidly changing world, with technological and demographic pressures.

Maritime risk: A thin line between profitability and exposures?

Suki Basi writes in Maritime Risk International on the challenges for shipping interests in finding the right insurance.

Political and Credit Risks

Russell Group’s latest infographic analyses the political and credit risks in a connected world.

Understanding Profitability and Exposures in Maritime Risk

The maritime industry has never been short of risks. The fact is that ancient mariners thrived on risk, which they saw as an opportunity to make their fortunes.

Aviation Supply Chain Risks: Overcoming The Crisis Of Complexity

The Aerospace & Defence industry is under pressure from price, risk and expansion according to PwC’s report A&D Insights: Programmes Under Pressure.

Credit and Political Risk Implications of Brexit

There are many challenges and risks facing global corporates in today’s fracturing geopolitical environment.

2016 Christmas Risks

Russell Group’s Christmas Infographic looks at the need to implement an integrated risk management strategy to deal with risk in a connected world.

Environmental Connected Risks

Natural Perils, is a Connected Risk driver that traverses through and across all industrial sectors.

Underwriting in the shadow of a geopolitical vortex

Underwriting is threatened by a combination of geopolitical risks not seen since the 1980s.

Markets must innovate to survive and Thrive

Russell Group’s latest infographic traces the growing disconnect between corporate risk managers’ expectations and (re)insurers’ ability to deliver.

The Era of Liability

Russell Group’s November 2016 Newsletter discusses how corporate exposure is on the rise and increasingly connected by geographies and class of business.

Security Risks in the Connected World

Corporates are exposed to a network of connected risk which leaves them at risk of security breaches.

UK Government’s Cyber Security Strategy: A proactive defence?

The UK Government’s new Cyber strategy will help corporate risk managers and insurers to navigate through the new digital landscape.

Insurance Day Baden-Baden Q&A - Multi-Class NatCat Exposures

Building a bottom-up approach to underwriting, analytics and risk modelling that considers the multi-class nature of Nat Cat exposures.

Conclusions from Baden-Baden: (Re)Insurance Markets must innovate

Making sense of a continued theme from the 2016 Baden-Baden Conference: The Need for the market to innovate to grow.

Post Hanjin: The Connected Risk Challenge for Marine Underwriters

Russell Group’s Latest infographic discusses how Marine Underwriters can navigate the post-Hanjin landscape.

Identifying Market Turning Points

Russell Group’s October 2016 Newsletter discusses how the (re)insurance industry must embrace technology and be innovate to remain relevant.

(Re)insurers: Prepare for the Market Turning Connected Risk Event

The (re)insurance industry is grappling to understand its risks and unknown risks, reinforced by the recent Yahoo cyber hacking.

Reactions: Specialty Risk Correlations are Accumulating

In a Reactions interview, Suki Basi argues that underwriters may not have picked up the build-up of risk correlations within and between speciality lines.

Hanjin forces (Re)insurers to rethink Connected risk Exposures

Why the recent Hanjin collapse has forced (re)insurers to rethink their connected risk exposures.

Innovation key to reinsurer relevance

The message from Rendez-Vous Monte Carlo 2016 was for the reinsurance industry to be innovative and embrace technology to stay relevant.

Monte Carlo Press Release

Ahead of the 2016 Monte Carlo conference, Russell Group issues a press release arguing for a Connected Risk strategy to deal with the ‘perfect storm’.

(Re)insurers fear casualty clash exposures

A key concern of (re)insurers in the current market is their inability to quantify the effect of a systemic casualty event on their portfolio.

(Re)insurers concerned about a systematic casualty event

A survey by Russell Group of (re)insurers in European and US casualty markets reveal that reducing premiums, increasing exposures and connected risks are main concerns in 2016.

Casualty Scenarios in The World of Extreme Connectivity

In an Insurance Day article, Suki Basi examines the current casualty risk landscape.

Dark Risks in an Expanding Universe of Exposures

The new age of extreme connectivity is making underlying exposures difficult to spot.

Political Violence risks Accumulate

Political Violence is an increasing risk.

No problem of human destiny is beyond human Underwriters

The Insurance sector needs to invest financial resources in new Speciality class models.

Planes, Drones and the Internet of Things

Drones and Internet of Things (IoT) have potential to cause problems for aviation underwriters.

Could Blockchain place Insurance Clients at the top of the Foodchain?

Will Blockchain be a disruptive force for (Re)Insurers?

The Accumulation Game

Suki Basi in an Inside Fac article, outlines the specialty class (re)insurance challenges in 2016.

Monopoly at 40,000 ft and on the Ground!

Russell Group’s latest infographic explores the challenges for today’s aviation industry.

Thinking outside the Black Box on emerging aviation risks

The Aviation industry needs to understand the implications of increased connectivity and dependency on IT.

The Tale of the Anti-whaling Activist and an Airport’s Lost Weekend

Underwriters need to understand the interconnected nature of risk.

2016 is a tough time for Underwriters and Brokers!

2016 is not an exciting time for Underwriters and Brokers.

Thinking Outside the Black Box on Aviation Risk

To understand different aviation risk scenarios, we need to think outside the ‘Black Box’.

Breaking News: Drones in four near-misses at major UK airports

Drones are undermining Airport Safety Risk Management.

10 Dangerous Airports from around the world

What are the top 10 dangerous airports in the world?

Multi-Class Exposure Management: Marine, Cyber, Terror Drive Losses

The Tianjin Explosion demonstrated the potential of major losses to surprise even experienced underwriters.

Offshore Energy Top 10 Cyber Risks

What are the Top 10 Cyber Risks to Offshore Energy?

Insurers and Airlines are susceptible to Terror Risks

Insurers and Airlines are becoming increasingly exposed to terror.

Marine Cargo insurers need to better manage their exposures

Better management of catastrophe exposures is needed by Marine Cargo Insurers.

Why Cyber Exposures are a big challenge for Insurers

Insurers’ lack of modelling capability for cyber will wreak havoc across the speciality classes.

The Catastrophic Cyber risk and impact on Aggregate Exposures

Does Connected Risk cut across traditional vertical industrial structures?

Why Data is a Decisive Asset For Insurance Companies

The Internet of Things and Connected Products promise the most radical change since the Second Industrial Revolution.

Insurance High Rise

Russell Group’s latest infographic explores the challenge for underwriters facing with larger high rises.

Global Aviation: The Arc of Volatility

Russell Group’s latest infographic explores the different pressures on the global aviation industry.

Terrorism and Political Risks

What are the political and terrorism risks for (Re)Insurers?

Cyber Security Critical Infrastructure Trends

What are the trends affecting Cyber underwriters?

The Complex World of Aviation Exposures in 2015

What are the risk exposures in the Aviation Sector?

Cyber and BI Risk Exposures in the age of the Internet of all Things

How the Internet of Things (IoT) has created new Cyber and Business Interruption exposures.

Asia and Global

What are the infrastructure trends in Asia and beyond?

Oil and Gas: Emerging Trends

What are the emerging trends in Oil and Gas sector?

Macondo Deepwater Drilling Incident

What were the consequences of Macondo?

Credit Insurance

Russell Group’s latest infographic takes a snapshot of the credit insurance sector.

Avoiding the Cyber Quake

Enterprise risk solutions can help overcome the absence of a workable cyber risk model.

An Integrated Approach to Offshore Energy Risk Management

The Offshore Energy Industry is facing a range of threats and disruptive forces creating higher exposures for underwriters (re)insuring that business.

Endurance Re licences ALPS Energy

Endurance Re has licensed ALPS Energy on a hosted basis for 3 years.

Clearing the Haze of Economic Uncertainty for Credit Reinsurers

Underlying exposure management presents a growing threat to (re)insurers.

Insurance Airline Accidents

Airline incidents in the Middle East are giving insurers a headache.

Managing 21st Century Risk Exposures in MENA

There is an opportunity for (re)insurance market in MENA to use its expertise in covering old and emerging risks.

Munich Re renews ALPS Licence

Munich Re renewed its ALPS License by 3 years covering Aerospace and Casualty Lines of Business.

The state of the Cyber Insurance Market

How well is Insurance responding to cyber threats?

Managing 21st Century Risk Exposures in ASIA

A new generation of data analytics and modelling expertise is key to managing 21st century risk in Asia.

Russell signs agreement with I.H.S

Russell Group has signed an agreement to license and I.H.S shipping fleet data within its ALPS Marine software.

Power Companies Exposed To Cyber Risks

What are energy companies exposure to cyber risks?

Russell signs agreement with Clarkson

Russell Group will licence and distribute Clarkson offshore energy data within its ALPS Energy software.

Russell signs agreement with OAG

Russell Group will licence route data from OAG for 3 years.

Growing Cyber Insurance

The Internet of Things (IoT)’s expansion increases the threat from cyber-attacks.

Validus Re licences ALPS Energy

Validus Re has licenced ALPS Energy for 3 years.

Lessons learned from Deepwater Horizon

What are the lessons from Deepwater Horizon for the Marine and Energy Market?

Fluency Is The Key

A joined-up approach to the energy market is needed.

Facing Future Energy Risk

Russell Group asked a panel of leading figures in Energy (re)insurance market for their take on risk accumulation and lessons from Macondo.

Insured Risk Expsoures Reaching New Heights

(Re)insurers need to build a deeper knowledge of potential exposures in our connected world.

Ground Exposure Stats War & Political Risk

What are the political risk threats to (Re)Insurers.

QBE Re extends ALPS licensing

QBE Re has extended its ALPS License by a further 3 years covering Aerospace, Energy and Casualty Lines of Business.

Exploring New Risks

In a roundtable, Suki Basi discussed the new threat of cyber risk.

IIS Seminar - Network Announcement

How the smart application of technology will drive down costs for the labour-intensive insurance industry.

Insuring Intangible Risks

What are the intangibles in the risks facing (re)insurance underwriters?

R + V renews ALPS Licence

R+V has extended its ALPS Licence by 3 years covering Aviation and Space Lines of Business.

Seradata Licences It's SpaceTrak Data To Russell Group

Seradata has licensed its SpaceTrak world satellite and launch data for Russell’s use in its ALPS management system.

UK Border Glitch Raises Cyber Risk Concerms

The UK Border force is under threat from cyber risk.

An A To Z Of Analytics Across The Speciality Classes

Understanding Analytics for the Speciality Classes.

Satellite Industry Report

What are the latest trends in the Satellite Industry in 2015?

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In the Soup: Customer Centricity in the Connected World

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The time for Connected Business Models has Arrived.

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Rising Business Risk in a Connected World: The Threat to Shareholder Value

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