Why Corporates and Reinsurers need to take Port Accumulation Seriously

A container ship leaving a port.

Port Accumulation needs to be viewed as an essential part of risk mitigation for (re)insurers and corporates as we explain in our new report.

Ports just like airports are now becoming a crucial cog for many economies, with many countries' economic growth dependent on the trade that flows in and out of their countries.

Over the last few decades, the dollar value of trade entering these ports has risen exponentially and become concentrated into over 50 ports ranging from Rotterdam to Shanghai.

Yet, analysis of port accumulation as it currently stands does not have the breadth and depth that is needed to tackle this issue.

Currently, there is not a solution or system that analyses global trade flow and then seeks to understand the exposure breakdown of that trade at a country, company, port, commodity and operator level.

Our new port accumulation report outlines why such a system needs to be viewed as an essential part of risk mitigation for (re)insurers and corporates.

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Post Date: 08/06/2021

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