Tackling the Cyber Threat in the Aviation Sector

Our new white paper explores some of the key cyber exposures impacting the aviation sector.

The aviation industry and technology have become intertwined over the last few decades, with technological

developments improving both the passenger experience and efficiency of airlines.

Today’s modern aircraft utilises in-flights systems that rely on technology such as navigation and guidance tools,
Global Distribution System (GDS) providers, paperless cockpits, along with on-board WIFI and on-board entertainment systems for passengers.

While these technologies provide numerous benefits, they do create multiple contagion paths for an airline to
be exposed to flight disruptions caused by a system or network outages, either through accidental disruption or
malicious intent.

This cyber exposure extends beyond airlines. Airports and air traffic control systems are increasingly reliant on technology to provide a real-time and efficient service, but in doing so they are leaving themselves exposed.

In this white paper, we explore some of the key exposures faced within the airline sector and outline the importance of industry collaboration in managing this ongoing issue

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Post Date: 22/05/2023

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