Event Report: The Impact of Connected Risks on the Insurance Markets

On 18th July, Russell Group hosted an executive briefing at Lloyd's on the perils of Connected Risk
The event brought together experts and senior executives from the world of insurance, government and international media.
Connected Risk is defined as the systemic exposure of commercial organisations, their partners, suppliers and clients to cumulative and cascading financial, operational and reputational vulnerabilities.
It is the belief of Russell Group, that through a Connected Risk score, which would measure and benchmark a company's risk profile, underwriters would be able to understand an organisation's total risk profile and know the effect on portfolio exposure and capital utilisation prior to commitment.  Therefore, enabling them to deliver optimum capital utilisation and maximum portfolio return on equity. 

Due to industry demand, Russell Group has published a full report of the event and an exclusive copy of the presentation. 

To download a full copy of the report, please log in or create an account, using the link below:

Post Date: 29/08/2017

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