Trade Credit Insurance: The Search For Granularity In 2015

Leading risk analysis firm Russell Group Limited has written a new Trade Credit Insurance Market Overview: Inside or Outside the Risk Kaleidoscope in 2015: The Search for Granularity.

The Trade Credit Regional Overview encompasses Europe, MENA, Asia, North America, Latin America, and Africa providing a granular analysis of regional trends and themes emerging in the trade credit arena in 2015. In particular, the white paper focuses on increasing Geopolitical pressures around the world, increasing Infrastructure investment (particularly in MENA and Asia), falling commodity and oil prices, Solvency II pressures and Eurozone stimulus.

Russell Group Limited MD Suki Basi said: “As our report outlines, geopolitical conflicts are one of the most interconnected risks for the year to come. This means that their impact would resonate across a multitude of areas, including trade and investment. New technologies, the cyber threat, and more stringent (and often unwelcome) regulation, are shaping a new narrative.

“In such an environment, broad brush analysis of risk, is no longer sustainable. This white paper explores the global trade credit picture in 2015 and asks the question: what credit risks do business face today and do they truly understand their underlying exposures?”

Click here to read the Trade Credit Risk white paper.

Tags: global trade credit; trade credit insurance