Managing 21st Century Risk Exposures in MENA

This is a time of opportunity for the (re)insurance market in MENA to step up to the plate and provide its expertise to cover old and emerging risks as this article, written for MENA Insurance Review by Russell Group Limited MD Suki Basi, explains. 

According to Basi, (Re)insurers are not alone in their ability to enable companies to manage their complex risks. A new generation of data analytics and risk modelling expertise is making use of the latest state-of-the-art technology to help companies and insurers manage their exposures.

What the specialty insurance exposures created by the growth in MENA infrastructure projects demonstrate is the need for scalable and integrated analytics and actuarial modelling capabilities that, underpinned by reliable data, can help transform 21st Century risk management into a real science. Click here to read Suki Basi's article in full...