ALPS Aerospace has been designed to meet the connected risk management needs across the aerospace sub-classes

Major Risk Aviation

The insurance market defines a major risk aviation in terms of airlines and cargo carriers, manufacturers, leasing companies and airports.

ALPS integrates with market questionnaires and underlying fleet and schedule data to provide aggregation analysis and pricing at the aircraft level, including the ability to analyse scenarios involving multiple aircraft collisions, clash events involving multiple products liability claims, and peak ground exposure events. 

General Aviation

Utilising the same data structure as the aviation market questionnaire ALPS is able to track aggregations for general aviation aircraft, including corporate jets, commercial general aviation and helicopter fleets.


ALPS Aerospace supports underwriters that write a portfolio of space risks (including situations where acceptance is by consortium membership rather than reinsurance treaty).

Utilising a separate space questionnaire, with additional tables for launch details, ALPS is able to provide analysis for launch vehicle exposures, in-orbit accumulation, and generic defect loss scenarios.

Aviation War

Analyse and visualise the peak market and portfolio exposure to aviation hull war and aviation liability.

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