Airmic 2017: Industry Leaders divided over Brexit

This week, risk managers gathered at Birmingham for Airmic 2017 to mingle, network and debate all the pressing issues facing the profession from cyber risks to Brexit.

As the dust settles on a successful conference, what are the lessons to be drawn out for the industry as a whole? Here are some of the key lessons:

  1. Industry Leaders are divided over Brexit.
  2. The Traditional Insurance Model is not suitable to deal with emerging risks.
  3. Risk Culture must change to adapt to a fast-changing world.
  4. Risk Managers need to 'raise their heads' within their organisations.

The message from Airmic 2017 is loud and clear, out with the old and in with the new. In this brave new world; risk managers, insurers and underwriters will need to move to a collaborative model that allows them to quantify bottom-up exposure, manage risks and in so doing deliver superior return on equity.

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Post Date: 16/06/2017

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